June 9, 2007

First harvest

For our first trip to Sankanac CSA, at which we now have a full share, we got:

1 Kohlrabi (purple - aren't there green ones too?)
4 heads of green lettuce
Spinach 2 lbs
Beet tops 21 oz.
2 qts. strawberries u-pick (we only got one quart 'cause I felt faint in the fields - it was HOT)
1 qt. peas u-pick (didn't make it to getting these)
1 Chinese(I think) cabbage (they just called it cabbage) (1/2 share got none)
Kale 4 oz
Chard 4 oz one of these is wrong but I don't remember the exact weight

Do believe that's everything, but if I remember something later I'll edit.